Speaking & Press

red-chair-b-metroSpeaking Topics

I’m always happy to speak or comment on topics including (but not limited to) the following:

    • Women in Leadership Roles
    • The Story and Lessons Behind TheCuriousBook.com
    • Publishing Your First Book
    • Building a Business (six and seven figures)
    • Multiple Streams of Income in your existing business
    • Virtual and Onsite Team Building
    • Team Management
    • Online Marketing and Implementation
    • Increasing Profitability of Live and Virtual Events
    • Branding/ Brand Awareness + Design Trends
    • What’s Hot in Social Media
    • Project Management + Time Management
    • Inspiration for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
    • How to be a Great Leader (Leadership Coaching

If you’re interested in interviewing me for a program or having me speak at your next event, let me know by filling out this form.

About Chelsea

Hear about me in third person below. : )

Here’s my official bio:

Do you believe in real-life, happily-ever-afters? Chelsea Berler is living proof that dreams can come true… that a person can go from food stamps, struggles, and tragedies to become a successful CEO and author. It’s possible because of Chelsea’s distinctive curiosity, attention to details, quirkiness, non-stop work ethic, and above all else, her infectious, winning smile. Driven and resourceful, she is a flourishing entrepreneur at just age 32, with business savvy that’s been honed to perfection, as well as being an experienced marketing pro and successful author of The Curious One and You’re Not Alone.

Chelsea founded Solamar Agency in 2006 to provide results-driven, creative solutions for business owners who are determined to bring their talents and greatness to the world on their own terms and connect to customers through eye-catching design, persuasive marketing messages, compelling content, and strategic business support. In less than a decade, she’s been able to turn this boutique marketing agency into a passionate team of top-notch marketing consultants, tech professionals, account managers, design specialists, and writers who operate from their main office location in Birmingham, Alabama, and from coast to coast, to deliver expertise, results, support, and a few laughs to Solamar clients all over the world.

“Communication is everything,” professes Chelsea. “And we should work on being better at it every day.” That kind of dedication is why Solamar is well on its way to being a regular seven-figure business and why her client list reads like the “Who’s Who” of marketing, business, and professional experts around the globe.

1466109_10151715802487407_1903093827_nChelsea and her company have been featured in Shelby Living, Birmingham Business Journal (and distinguished by the journal as a 2015 Top 40 Under 40 honoree), B-Metro (as the Face of Birmingham in digital marketing and design for 2014 and 2015) as well as in Hoover’s Magazine and on ABC 33/40. Moreover, she has addressed worldwide audiences live and in-person, as well as by teleseminar, webinar, and podcast, on a diverse selection of topics. She is also a permanent writer for The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur, a featured guest on Maria Shriver’s website, Inc.com, Under30CEO.com, SiriusXM Radio, and on Women 2.0.

When she’s not lovingly hard at work—or jet setting from one coast to the other—you can find her swinging from a hammock at her home by the Gulf of Mexico – with her two dogs, Stella and Dakota. She equally adores spending time with her family and dedicates time to flying back home to North Dakota where she was born and raised.

With that kind of hectic life and business success, Chelsea is the first to laughingly admit that, “Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind a little.”




Have your heart, your hope, and your vision expanded.

"To read Chelsea's story is to have your heart, your hope, and your vision expanded. As my business mentor for the past few years, Chelsea harnesses all the power of her personal experiences -- her curiosity, spunk, vision, and purpose -- to help me create meaningful and lasting change in my clients' lives."

—Paul Sigafus, Colorado Counseling Center
Creating balance to walk a straighter and straighter line towards happiness

So grateful to the Power Up Living Show for introducing me to Chelsea. Her story reaffirmed that my own success and sense of well-being is due to my work ethic and value for family and friends that have shaped my life.  And that the missteps I have taken are not mistakes as long as I countered by adjusting and learning from them, creating balance to walk a straighter and straighter line towards happiness. There is no curriculum or diploma that can teach you how to have Chelsea’s success. But her story will guide you on what defined her success.

—Jon Payne
Chelsea is good at providing the encouraging per talk.

“I never dreamed how difficult it would be to launch a new private practice! Chelsea is good at providing the encouraging pep talk just when I need it.”

—Kim Bowen, Power of Two Counseling
Ready to grow your business to the next level, call Chelsea.

“You feel supported, encouraged, and protected at every turn. If you are overwhelmed, stuck, or just plain ready to grow you business to the next level, call Chelsea immediately. She provides the gold standard of support.”

—Lynn Klippel
That is exactly how I feel with Chelsea—awesome, relieved and focused.

“You know how awesome you feel when you are working with someone who just intuitively knows what you need and how you need it? How relieved you are to finally have someone on your team who gets your business and can support you in amazing ways? That is exactly how I feel with Chelsea—awesome, relieved and focused. If you have the chance to work with her, grab it!”

—Sarah Robinson, Escaping Mediocrity
Chelsea and her team swooped in like superheroes and completely saved the day!

“I was in ‘business shock’ after discovering some major back-end issues. Chelsea and her team swooped in like superheroes and completely saved the day! With incredible heart and professionalism, Chelsea took every worry away and got me back on track, fast. Words can’t express my deep gratitude for how quickly she moved and how instantly, she treated my business like it was her own. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cut it!”

—Marie Forleo, Marie Forleo International
A Personal Touch

“Try her, you will love her . . . business with a personal touch!”

—Victor Cohen @ R&S Accessories / Carlo Fellini
It's no wonder she is a crowd favorite.

“Chelsea Berler spoke on the topic of ‘The Latest Design Trends’ at Wealthy Thought Leader’s Midas Touch event and gave the audience useable, doable and enjoyable words of wisdom while also making them laugh. As we all know, with adult learners, laughter is an indication of real learning taking place! With as much experience under her belt on topics such as this, combined with her natural warmth, tremendous clarity and commitment to over delivering, it’s no wonder she is a crowd favorite. Highly recommended!”

—Andrea Lee, Wealthy Thought Leader
So inspiring!

“I just read your book from beginning to end yesterday and no book has EVER made me laugh and cry. So inspiring. Thank you so much!"

—Alexa Rankin
She’ll be successful in whatever endeavor she sets her mind to.

“Chelsea has a no ego, no fear attitude that is essential to entrepreneurism. There are few people that truly understand marketing, and even fewer that have the drive to turn that passion into success. Chelsea exhibits both, and freely offers her wisdom to anyone willing to listen. It’s this ironclad resolve, mixed with pure spunk that has me convinced she’ll be successful in whatever endeavor she sets her mind to.”

—Brian Jambor @ Infusionsoft
Chelsea is a force of nature.

"Chelsea is a force of nature. She is a rabid learner and always looking for ways to grow personally and professionally. I had no doubt that she would be successful and have been thrilled to watch her grow.  She is a superstar and someone I am proud to call a friend."

—Dave Dee, Glazer Kennedy, Inc.
She is a guiding force for women everywhere!

“Chelsea’s life journey has taken her into places that would be daunting for most of us. Her tenacity and creativity allowed her to turn her extraordinary challenges into a masterful business. She is a guiding force for women everywhere—especially those who need a map. Go where Chelsea leads.”

—Indrani Goradia, Indrani's Light Foundation
All I can say is thank you, it’s life changing.

“I went to the book store this morning at a very down moment in my life. I was so drained I did not even feel like looking through the books, but yours was just there staring at me. I read the back, and thought, yes! I brought it home and read the whole thing!! All I can say is thank you, it’s life changing.”

—Jennifer Fontaine
A wise woman before her time.

“Her energy, commitment and drive is quite astounding and it’s unsurprising she has a big story to tell. A wise woman before her time.”

—Kay White, Wayforward Solutions
It is possible!

“Your book makes you want to be bigger than life itself as well as making you believe IT IS POSSIBLE!!”

—Lauren Bates
She’s a big star on the rise.

“#FF: I’m a big fan of @ChelseaBerler. Follow her. She’s a big star on the rise."

—Michael Port, Think Big Revolution
For any 20-something woman set on finding their own way...

“For any 20-something woman set on finding their own way, Chelsea is an amazing inspiration. Her story (in all its rawness) is heart breaking, giggle provoking and awesomely empowering. I’m glad I didn’t miss my chance to share in a kindred spirit’s journey to success. I’m proud to be curious too!”

—Sarah Pearson
We are so grateful to her!

“So much gratitude to Chelsea Berler and her incredibly creative mind, exceptional client interaction, and depth of knowledge about business reinvention, we are so grateful to her!"

—Todd Uterstaedt, Baker and Daboll, LLC
Anything is possible.

“Chelsea’s story made me tear up, laugh, reflect and cherish all the good and bad that has happened in my life. Chelsea has a wonderful way of sharing her life in order to encourage others that anything is possible - with a little hard work, determination and belief in yourself."

—Tracy Timm, Brandt Co.
She really takes pride in every project.

“Chelsea is one of those rare people who continues to surprise me with the quality, reliability, and timely delivery of everything she has helped me with. She really takes pride in every project, big or small and I often feel like she is even more vested in the work and projects than I am!"

—Peter Sahin, South County Law Group